Mishiu Ferris

Thank you for visiting our shop! We are Simon & Jon, the creators behind Mishiu Ferris. We started our laser cutting adventure in 2015 when we opened jslasercraft.co.uk where we sell custom wood and leather labels for knitters, crocheters and other crafters who appreciate a unique touch.

We love making labels for fellow artisans but we didn't want to limit ourselves to just one type of product. This is why we created Mishiu Ferris - one stop shop for personalised gifts with an unusual twist. Our products include keychains, cuff links, necklaces, wallets, chalkboards and they all can be personalised.

We love designing new products. Many of our wooden greeting cards we design by hand. It's a lot of fun and the satisfaction of seeing our customers happy with something we created just for them is the greatest reward!

We care for our planet and try to use sustainably sourced materials wherever possible. All our wood as well as mailers are FSC certified and our Kraft wrap and envelopes are produced from recycled paper.